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Our food is by created by Pet Nutritionists, ensuring our meals look and taste like real food - because they are! No preservatives, no additives.

Our meals are formulated to meet the AAFCO requirements, meaning they contain the paw-fect amount of vitamins and minerals to fuel your dog’s day.

Ingredients sourced from the same Aussie farms that supply your favourite gourmet restaurants and specialty grocers.

All ingredients are fit for humans, and sourced from human-grade suppliers. Your pup deserves to eat as well as you do!

Each meal contains the perfect mixture of human-grade meat, offal, dog-friendly vegetables and naturally sourced supplements.

Our Dinner Bowls are meals currently delivered to major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Gold Coast to name a few.

Welcome to a happier, healthier dog

Real Food, Real Nutritionist

Our raw food Dinner Bowls were created with our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale. She says, “Dogs extract a range of benefits from raw dog food that they don’t find in processed meals. Fresh, raw food has much higher levels of amino acids than highly processed commercial diets and has proven to promote better digestibility, a healthier gut microbiome and immune function. Pups that have consumed raw Dinner Bowl meals for the long haul have seen increased appetite, energy and satisfaction at meal times.”

Build your Bowl

How it Works

Share a few tidbits about your dog so we can tailor the pawfect custom meal plan.

Confirm your meal plan and personal details before placing your order.

Make pet food prep easy by having your dog meals delivered to you fortnightly. Simply defrost and serve!

In the past, Dog Owners needed to choose between freshness or convenience. Thanks to Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, that choice is a thing of the past. Our online model allows Pet Owners to order fresh dog food with a few clicks. After placing your order, top-quality raw dog meals will be home-delivered to your door. Freshness of ingredients is also paramount, and our meals are only frozen for delivery. Once they arrive at your door, simply put them in the freezer then defrost for serving. Your doggo will love it, and you won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen making it happen. Fresh dog food has never been so easy!

Nutritionist-Crafted recipes make for a happier, healthier pup.

Our flexible options give you complete control over your dog’s meal plan.

Your dog loves it and we deliver on time or your money back!


Top Quality Food

“You know you’ve been a good boi when you get treated with the top quality food! Food that’s not just tasty but also keeps my coat shiny and my gut healthy! I woof you @Madpaws”

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Gone in less than 10 seconds!

“Maverick is a fussy eater, and we have tried a variety of meals, but he never really enjoyed them as much as he enjoyed his first serve of MadPaws Dinner Bowl. Gone in less than 10 seconds! He also has tummy issues which were not affected by the chicken and kangaroo recipes!”

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Is raw food safe for my dog?

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl’s raw food is very safe for our furry friends. Fortunately for our furry friends, the enzymes in their stomachs, as well as their shorter digestive tracts, quash salmonella's effects. In fact, by serving meat, offal, and veggies in their raw forms, we ensure that no nutrients are lost to the cooking process. Simply put, your pup enjoys all the benefits of an all-natural diet without the risks. As the descendents of hunters, dogs evolved to eat fresh raw food. Because of this, they extract a range of benefits from raw dog food that they don’t find in processed meals. While many Owners feed their dogs kibble and canned food, these processed choices don’t align with our dogs’ evolutionary history.

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Where do you source your ingredients and prepare the meals? Are they all Australian-made?

Yes, our fresh ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Sourced from FREPA-accredited farms, our chicken is free-range, RSPCA-approved, and fed a diet of multigrains blended with spice extracts and essential oils. Our beef is humanely farmed and grass-fed in Tasmania, which boasts some of the cleanest air and lushest pastures in Australia. Together, these factors provide the best conditions for cultivating quality meat. Similarly, our wild kangaroo is ethically and sustainably sourced from across Australia. All of our meals are prepared in certified, human-grade kitchens. In fact, the kitchens in which we work supply some of Sydney’s top gourmet restaurants and specialty grocery stores.

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What does “100% complete and balanced” and “AAFCO-aligned meals” mean?

With the help of our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale, we’ve created meals that are 100% complete and balanced and meet the Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO)’s guidelines. AAFCO is an association that sets global industry standards for ingredients, processes, and nutritional requirements for creating pet foods. By meeting AAFCO’s complete and balanced standards, Dinner Bowl meals provide your dog with 100% of their daily nutritional requirements. To achieve this, along with our fresh proteins and offal, we have added our custom “DB Vita-Mix”, a select mixture of naturally sourced supplements like Bone Meal powder for a calcium hit; Cod Liver Oil for a healthy heart and shiny coat; and Vitamin E for an immunity boost. Additionally, we’ve also added nutrient-rich ingredients like kelp and spinach across all of our recipes. For a full breakdown of our recipes, see the Our Bowls page.

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How do I transition my pet onto raw dog food?

Dogs can be creatures of habit - and so are their tummies. For this reason, any sudden changes to their diet can lead to upset stomachs. Whether it’s from canned dog food to raw food, or lightly-cooked to kibble, your dog’s gut will appreciate some warning. That’s why Mad Paws Dinner Bowl provides a Transition Guide for every new customer. By following the Transition Guide, you can ensure that your pup switches to a healthy, all-natural raw diet without issue.

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