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The Mad Paws Dinner Bowl Story

Since 2015, we at Mad Paws have made pet care our passion. As Australia’s largest Pet Sitting platform, we’ve minded countless furry friends when their Owners were away. Even so, we always wanted to do more to ensure the welfare of furbabies everywhere. After all, Pet Sitting only allows us to care for dogs when their Owners aren’t around. That’s why we launched Mad Paws Dinner Bowl - a dog nutrition solution designed to enrich the lives of Aussie dogs. With Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we’ve channeled our peerless pet knowledge into every meal. Your pup deserves the best dog food - and we’re committed to making that happen.

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We’re veteran dog lovers and proud of it

With thousands of reviews from happy Mad Paws pet parents, we have a proven track record of making pet's happy over the years. Now, after many requests from our customers, we're taking our love and experience to your pet's belly with Mad Paws Dinner Bowl!

Mad Paws

Who are the humans behind Mad Paws Dinner Bowl?

For years, we worked on Mad Paws from our Sydney HQ, connecting Pet Owners with Australia’s best Pet Sitters. However, as Dog Owners ourselves, we always wanted the tastiest, most nutritious food for our pups. After countless nights experimenting with recipes and speaking with dog nutritionists, we decided to take our mission to the nation. Now, we’re thrilled to be bringing our favourite raw dog meals to pooches across Australia!

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