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Raw Dog Food Perth

Healthy, ready-made dog meals delivered to your doorstep


Calling all Perth Pet Owners: this is the raw dog food Perth pooches need!


Ah, Perth. We love your beautiful city, and we love your community of Pet Owners and puppers, too. It’s precisely for this reason that we decided to craft the most delectable raw dog food Perth has ever seen.


We may be a little biased, but we think ours might just be the top dog of raw meals. Why, you may be wondering? We’re glad you asked! To cut a long story short, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl is exceedingly delicious, extra nutritious, and made with the finest ingredients.


To make a short story long, every bowl of our raw dog food is nutritionally optimised to meet your doggo’s needs. We worked closely with an expert pet nutritionist to make sure our raw dog food was properly calibrated to outdo AAFCO standards. 


For your pooch, this guarantees a bowl of tasty food filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals. Basically, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl can deliver on all of your pup’s nutritional requirements. And because we realise that dog meals aren’t necessarily one-bowl-fits-all, we tailor your pupper’s meal plan according to their weight, age, and activity level.


So, how do we ensure every bowl is equal parts healthy and tasty? We make our raw dog food using fresh, human-grade vegetables, meat, and offal. As well, we toss in the right amount of dog-specific supplements and high-quality bone meal to up the nutritional ante. You’ll be chuffed to know that we don’t use any fillers or processed ingredients.


The benefits of a raw diet for dogs 

Dinner Bowl Ingredient Flatlay

Because our furbabies have descended from wolves, they biologically adapted to consume raw food. As a result, raw dog food Perth providers like Dinner Bowl are giving your pup what they want and need. We know this at Dinner Bowl, and we craft your pup’s meals accordingly. Our tailor-made meals are made to guarantee the following long-term improvements in your pup:

  • High levels of protein and amino acids to stimulate muscle growth and maintenance
  • A taste, smell, and texture that your dog will love to consume
  • Easier digestion, which leads to fimer, less smelly poos 
  • Increased mood and mental enrichment
  • A thicker, more lustrous coat 


What's in the Bowls?

With the help of our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale, our meals are 100% complete and balanced and meet and exceed AAFCO’s guidelines. Our Bowls feature the pawfect mixture of human-grade minced meat, offal, dog-friendly vegetables, and naturally sourced supplements. This means that each custom-portioned meal provides your dog with the right amount of every single nutrient your dog needs every day, every meal.

To ensure our meals are 100% complete and balanced, we've added some small but powerful ingredients in the form of naturally-sourced supplements in our "DB Vita-Mix":

  • Bone Meal powder for a calcium hit.
  • Cod Liver Oil for a healthy heart and shiny coat.
  • Vitamin E for an immunity boost.

Along with these, we’ve also added delicious, nutrient-rich ingredients like heart, kelp and spinach across all our recipes:

Bow Wow Cow Beef & VegetablesPupper Doodle Doo Chicken & VegetablesHopping Mad Kangaroo & Vegetables

Natural and Nutritionist Approved100% Complete & Balanced MealsAustralian Sourced & GrownHuman-Grade


Convenient raw dog food delivery Perth Pet Owners can bank on


There’s lots to love about Mad Paws Dinner Bowl when it comes to your doggo’s health and happiness. But, there’s something in it for you Perth Pet Owners, too! We understand that life can get downright hectic, so we’ve saved you the hassle of hunting down our bowls. Instead, we deliver them to you!


Whether you’re in Joondalup, Rockingham, Fremantle, Armadale, Mandurah, Bunbury, or anywhere else in Perth, we’ll drop your dog’s fresh meals right to your doorstep. You’re welcome!



Tell us about your furry friendShare a few tidbits about your dog so we can tailor the pawfect meal plan.


Order your dog's custom meal plan

Want to feed Dinner Bowl alongside their current meals? Have the choice of Half Bowls or Full Bowls.


Receive your ready-made frozen meals

Receive your box of meals, delivered straight to your door every fortnight. Simply defrost and serve!


    Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that all of our ingredients are human-grade. Unlike many raw dog food Perth providers, we only use meats and vegetables that we’d be happy to eat ourselves. 

    Our ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Sourced from FREPA-accredited farms, our chicken is free-range, RSPCA-approved, and fed a diet of multigrains blended with spice extracts and essential oils. Our beef is humanely farmed and grass-fed in Tasmania, which boasts some of the cleanest air and lushest pastures in Australia. Together, these factors provide the best conditions for cultivating quality meat. Similarly, our wild kangaroo is ethically and sustainably sourced from across Australia. All of our meals are prepared in certified, human-grade kitchens. In fact, the kitchens in which we work supply some of Sydney’s top gourmet restaurants and specialty grocery stores!

          Wondering where we deliver our Raw Dog Food?

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