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Does your dog like to knibble on kibble?


Switch to kibble you can trust with Dinner Bowl Kibble!  






aussie-grown, aussie-made, aussie-ownedcomplete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


At Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we believe that every pupper is unique. For this reason, we cater to every canine tastebud with an array of delicious, complete and balanced nutrition sources. That's why, less than a year after our launch of Dinner Bowl with raw, fresh food - we've expand our product range into high-quality, personalised kibble dog food! We’ve made it our mission to offer the best kibble dry dog food you’ll find. 

When done well, kibble dry dog food can stand alongside the swankiest of pet food options. How, you ask? Join us below and you’ll find out!


Where do we deliver? 


Scientifically formulated to exceed your dog’s nutritional needs 


Come dinner time, you want to know that your dog is reaping everything they require from their food. Sure, your pooch may enjoy a big bowl of chicken breast, but an all-meat diet won’t provide them with all the nutrients they need. With our kibble dry dog food, your dog will find a one-stop shop for all of their nutritional needs. At the end of their meal, they will have consumed the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that fuel a healthy life. While some low-quality types of kibble can contain filler, ours was formulated by animal nutritionists to tick every box. In other words, everything that goes into your dog’s body serves a crucial purpose. 
“Well, that’s good - I want my dog to be as healthy as possible,” you might acknowledge. “But my pup is a fussy eater. What if they don’t like the kibble?” 
Fair question, Dog Owner - and one which brings us to our next point…


Our dry dog food is delicious - and our furry clients know it 


We hate to say it, but it’s true: some kibble tastes like cardboard. We know, because we’ve spoken to some pooches that we trust, and they confirmed it. Folks, this is something for which we will not stand. When we began on our dry food-making journey, we swore a vow to make our kibble among the tastiest available. Today, we can say with confidence that we have fulfilled our mission statement. Of course, as we said earlier, each and every pupper has different tastes and preferences. If your furry friend prefers lightly-cooked or raw food over dry, we have you covered as well! 



Dry dog food delivery saves you time 


Yes, our chief goal is to give you a happier, healthier dog. However, we also want to make life easier for you. That’s why we deliver our kibble to your home. No more trips to the grocery store for pet food; no more browsing supermarket shelves. Simply place your order online, and WHAM! Your furbaby’s meals will be with you in no time.  



Want to add some variety to your doggy's dinnertime? Add some Dinner Bowl Kibble today!



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