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With Dinner Bowl Kibble, your furry friend can enjoy the most primo dry dog food Adelaide has ever hosted



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


Here in Adelaide, we lead Australia in a range of categories. We’re home to some of the nation’s most exquisite churches. We spawned an Aussie hip hop culture that the rest of the country spent years trying to emulate. And we care for our dogs like no-one else. That’s why when we say Dinner Bowl Kibble is among the best dry dog food Adelaide has ever welcomed, we don’t take the sentiment lightly. We get it - because from Glenelg and Morphett Vale to Port Adelaide, from Mclaren Vale to Kensington Park, Adelaide residents don’t take pet nutrition lightly. With all of that said, we can say, with all modesty, that Dinner Bowl Kibble is among the best. 


How can we be so certain? We have a trio of reasons. 


We craft our dry dog food Adelaide offering within Australia, from ingredients grown in Australia

It’s no secret that Australia is home to some of the highest quality produce in the world. That’s why our kibble features a slew of quality Aussies ingredients. And the real kicker? By preparing your pupper’s kibble locally, we’re able to keep it as fresh as possible. That way, your furry friend can enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal every time. 


It’s complete and balanced to exceed AAFCO standards

These days, the word “superfood” has become a common term in dietary circles. However, our pooches have their share of superfoods as well. By pouring dog-friendly superfoods into our dry dog food, and supplementing them with vitamins and minerals, we’ve created a balanced and complete kibble which exceeds AAFCO standards.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Our delivery service will bring kibble to your door

In this day and age, convenience is key. It’s the only way busy Pet Owners can meet their commitments whilst also providing loving care for their furbabies. To facilitate this, we’ve streamlined our delivery process. Simply place your order via our website, then your dry dog food will arrive ASAP. What’s more, you’ll automatically receive more when you’re running low!


Let your pupper experience the dry dog food Adelaide canine lovers are all talking about


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 




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