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Folks, meet the dry dog food Gold Coast puppers can’t wait to get their paws on  



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


The Gold Coast has many names: “Goldie”. “The Coast with the Most”. “GC in the QL”. ...Okay, so no-one calls us any of those names. However, in the matter of dry dog food Gold Coast options, there is but one name to remember: Dinner Bowl Kibble. From Southport to Surfers Paradise, from Broadbeach and Coolangatta to Merrimac, Dinner Bowl Kibble is available to fulfil the wishes of Gold Coast canines.  


“Now, wait just a minute,” you may have just muttered under your breath. “I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. Who are you to say that, of all the dry dog food Gold Coast possibilities, yours is at the top of the list?” 


Firstly, thank you for phrasing your question in a way that allows us to appear in search engines. Secondly, allow us to provide you with a three-pronged response:


Our Australian made dry dog food features fresh Australian ingredients

Sadly, many standard kibbles are made overseas. This is sad is because: 


  1. The added distance reduces the freshness of the food 
  2. The extra steps in the supply chain create an added carbon footprint
  3. Many other regions don’t maintain the same pet food manufacturing standards that Australia does


At Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we sidestep these three issues by crafting our dry dog food domestically. In addition, our ingredients are overwhelmingly sourced from Aussie fields and farms. The result? A happy, healthy dog for you. 


Our superfood-packed recipes are complete and balanced 

“Superfoods”. “Complete and balanced”. These may sound like buzzwords, but the truth is they’re the cornerstone of a healthy canine diet. When your pupper eats Dinner Bowl Kibble, they obtain all the nutrients their body needs. That’s buzz you can take to the bank. The NUTRITION bank.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Our home delivery makes your life easy

You shouldn’t need to travel all the way to the grocery store to buy dinner for your furry companion. That’s why we deliver to you. In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “[That’s] one less thing to worry about.”


Convinced? Try the dog food Gold Coast animal owners are swearing by!


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 



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