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Get acquainted with the dry dog food Canberra pets have been waiting for



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


Canberra is such a dog-friendly city that “ACT” shouldn’t stand for “Australian Capital Territory”. Rather, it should stand for “Amazing Canine...Terrific”? “Akita Cavoodle Terrier”? Okay, so wordplay isn’t really our thing. What IS our thing, however, is dog food. And with our premium range of dry dog food Canberra canines will finally enjoy the dinner they deserve. Whether you live in Braddon, Kingston, Fyshwick, Belconnen, Greenway, or Queenbeyan, Dinner Bowl Kibble will brighten your doggo’s day. Why are we so sure? Peruse these answers three and you shall see!


The dry dog food Canberra loves is made in Australia to assure freshness

When kibble is produced internationally, it can take a LONG time to reach your furry friend. These lengthy supply chains can pose many an issue for your pupper’s nutrition - not least of which is freshness (or lack thereof). The longer your dog’s kibble spends in transit, the less fresh it will be by the time it reaches their bowl. 


There’s also the fact that many types of overseas kibble are laden with filler ingredients. By making our dry dog food locally, from local ingredients, we maintain the highest standards of freshness and quality. Which brings us to our second point... 


100% balanced and complete, with a hearty dosage of superfoods

Yeah, those Australia-sourced ingredients we mentioned? Many of them are canine-specific superfoods. Didn’t think superfoods applied to dogs? Well, they do - and they’ll make your furbaby’s diet AWESOME. By mixing them with a slew of supplements, we’ve conjured a kibble which is 100% complete and balanced. BOOM - nutrition.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Dry dog food delivery for one and all

*adopts infomercial host voice* Are you tired of travelling to the supermarket to buy your pooch’s dinner? *reverts to regular voice* It’s completely understandable if you are - you have a mountain of conflicting priorities, after all. With our home delivery system, you can cross “pet food groceries” off your list for good. Simply give us a few clicks, and we’ll do the rest!


Are you ready to rock your doggo’s taste buds? Sample the best in dry dog food Gold Canberra options with Mad Paws Kibble!


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 



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