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There’s dry dog food. Then there’s some of the best dry dog food Melbourne has ever seen.



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


And hey, we know that’s a mighty brag. “Damn right it is,” you might say. “Who are YOU to claim to be amongst the top dry dog food Melbourne has on offer? My beloved dog has enjoyed some incredible kibble in their lives. I also have a Dog-Owning friend in South Melbourne who is pleased with their pup’s kibble, and another in Frankston who feels the same way about theirs. What makes Dinner Bowl Kibble so special and nutritious?” 


Well, to be fair, “special” and “nutritious” were YOUR words, not ours. But you’re right on the money, because Dinner Bowl Kibble is both of those things and so much more. How much more, you might inquire? Try THIS much more:


Mad Paws Dinner Bowl crafts its kibble from Australian ingredients 

Those friends you were talking about before? The ones in South Melbourne and Frankston - and possibly Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Bundoora, and Dandenong? There’s a high likelihood that their dry dog food is manufactured overseas. And this isn’t us taking a stab at your friends; we’re sure they’re lovely people. It’s just that much of the kibble available in Australia is manufactured internationally. Not only does this diminish the kibble’s freshness - it also creates a bigger carbon footprint. 


By making our kibble in Oz, and chiefly from Aussie ingredients, we keep the carbon footprint small and the freshness huge. 


It’s balanced, complete, and loaded with superfoods 

Yes, yes, “superfoods” is a term which is tossed around a lot these days. Do you know why we’ve tossed them into our kibble, though? Because they’re amazing for your doggo, that’s why. Take those dog-centric superfoods, mix them with the finest supplements, and POW! You have a dry dog food that’s fully complete and balanced.  


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Our kibble is home-delivered to you

And we don’t only deliver to those Melbourne suburbs we listed above for SEO purposes. Oh, no - we ship ALL OVER THE PLACE. You live in Melbourne? Werribee, Docklands, Southbank, Port Melbourne - you name it. We’ll deliver you kibble. You live outside of Melbourne? We’ll deliver you kibble. Dry dog food delivery AHOY.


So, to sum up, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl provides you with some of the tastiest, freshest dry dog food Melbourne has ever beheld. Place your order to behold some for yourself!


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 



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