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We’re about to rock your worlds. How? By introducing you to some of the greatest dry dog food Newcastle has ever harboured 



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


Newcastle is the City of Tomorrow - and EVERYBODY knows it. Have you seen all of the “most innovative city” lists that feature us these days? Between our savvy culture, our strategic industries, and the shining example we set for sustainability, Newcastle has got it going on. Of course, it isn’t only ports, coffee, and green technology in which Newcastle reigns - it’s also canine care. And at Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we’re here to contribute to that mission - by offering a dry dog food Newcastle pooches will LOVE. 


Dinner Bowl Kibble isn’t your average dry dog food - oh no. It’s a knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out, complete and balanced, nutrient-rich wunderkind of a dry dog food. It’s the kind of kibble other kibbles aspire to be. The rule-breaking rebel kibbles want to channel its taste, and the straight-laced healthy kibbles want to emulate its nutritional content. When other kibbles write home to their parents (who, for the sake of this metaphor, we’ll assume are farm produce), they claim the achievements of Dinner Bowl Kibble as their own. So yeah, we’re not just a dry dog food Newcastle option...we’re THE option.  


Rich in dog-friendly superfoods

Speaking of Newcastle, Dinner Bowl Kibble is Australian owned, Australian made, and almost exclusively features Australian ingredients. And when we say “ingredients”, we don’t mean “particulate B57X” or “hydroxychloroquine” - we mean fresh doggy superfoods. Superfoods that, when mixed with vitamins and nutrients, turn Dinner Bowl Kibble into a 100% complete and balanced meal.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Delivery to anywhere in Newcastle 

Whether you live in Merewether, Hamilton, Charlestown, Warners Bay, or anywhere else in Newie, we can courier your doggo’s dinner directly to you. Never again will you need to brave the outdoors whenever your canine’s food stash is running low. Instead, you can simply sit back and let the dry food come to you. In other words, Dinner Bowl Kibble is the Trifecta: healthy, tasty, AND convenient.


Introduce your pooch to the dry dog food Newcastle choice that combines the Holy Trinity of doggy sustenance!


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 





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