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The dry dog food Perth puppers deserve has arrived at long last



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


Yes, you read that headline right - and it hasn’t come a moment too soon. After all, Perth is a city which doesn’t mess around on the topic of dog nutrition. From Freemantle to Rockingham and Armadale, from Joondalup to Bunbury and Mandurah, you’ll find Dog Owners who want the most nutritious dry dog food Perth can give them. At Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we’ve witnessed these intrepid pet lovers. We’ve heard their demands, seen the yearning in their eyes, and we’ve taken action. Today, we stand before you with a song in our hearts and a pack of premium dog food in our hands. And that dog food is called Dinner Bowl Kibble. 


What is it that makes this kibble so premium, you may wonder? The answers you seek await you below. 


In line with the best dry dog food Perth options, Dinner Bowl Kibble is Australian made

Making kibble in Australia is a win for so many reasons. For starters, it keeps the dog food fresher. Next, it allows us to use an array of local ingredients, which are among the freshest in the world. Moreover, it gives us at Dinner Bowl complete control over the kibble ingredient list, meaning we can ensure no nasties infiltrate your pupper’s dinner. Last, but certainly not least, it keeps jobs local, which stimulates the Australian economy. We spend most of our time thinking about dog health, but our more human-focused friends assure us that’s a plus. 


It exceeds the standards set out by AAFCO

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (or AAFCO) sets the gold standard for quality pet food in both North America and Australia. With our complete and balanced recipes, and our superfood-rich ingredient list, our kibble exceeds all of AAFCO’s standards. The result? Your furry friend obtains all the nutrients they require from every bowl of kibble.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

Dinner Bowl Kibble delivers all across Perth 

That’s right: your days of physically picking up kibble are a thing of the past. Instead, you can place your order with Dinner Bowl, then wait for your kibble to arrive. Done and done. 

 Take your pooch to the next nutritional level with some of the most delicious dry dog food Perth has ever welcomed into its realm!


Where do we deliver our Dry Dog Food? 




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