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Does your furbaby yearn for the best dry dog food Sydney can provide? Dinner Bowl to the rescue! 



complete, balanaced and rich in superfoods made fresh, delivered to your door


Some people will accept standard kibble dry food for their dogs. Sydney dog lovers are not among those people. In fact, when it comes to dry dog food Sydney Pet Owners expect the very best - and why shouldn’t they? After all, we’re talking about the welfare and nutrition of our treasured furbabies. At Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, we’ve made it our quest to exceed these expectations. From the plains of Parramatta to the hills of Hornsby and Chatswood, from the shores of Bondi to the harbour of North Sydney, Dinner Bowl provides some of the best dry dog food Sydney siders can find. 


What makes Dinner Bowl Kibble stand out, you query? We have not one, but three answers for you! 


It’s Australian made from Australian ingredients 

Lots of kibble is made overseas, then shipped to Australia. In contrast, Dinner Bowl Kibble is made locally, almost exclusively from ingredients grown in Australia. When you buy Dinner Bowl Kibble, you’re ensuring that the trip from farm to dog bowl is as brief as possible. As an added bonus, you’re also supporting Australian jobs! 


It’s dense in superfoods while also being complete and balanced 

Instead of padding itself out with filler, Dinner Bowl Kibble features a cornucopia of doggy superfoods. The result is a flavourful dry dog food that delivers a complete and balanced meal to puppers of any ages. Put differently, it’s a joy for your furry friend’s mouth AND their immune system.


kibble fresh ingredient flatlay

We deliver it straight to you 

Tired of lugging hefty bags of kibble home from the supermarket or pet store? We get it - which is why we ship our dry dog food directly to your door. Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West - it makes no difference. If you live there, we’ll ship to you. Easy peasy, kibble seize-y.


So the next time your pooch needs a kibble top up, choose the dry dog food Sydney siders are loving. Order Mad Paws Kibble and watch your canine companion transform for the better!    


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