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Want your pet to enjoy a gourmet dining experience?

Our lightly-cooked fresh dog meals offer the gold standard in doggy dinner time

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Some dogs are picky eaters - and for picky eaters, kibble and wet dog food will not do. We’re talking about the canines who thrive on fresh dog food crafted from human-quality meats and vegetables. While some of these puppers veer towards the flavour profile of raw food, others prefer the taste sensation of a cooked meal. For those latter dogs, it’s our responsibility to provide the flavour their palates want with the nutrients their bodies need. With our lightly-cooked fresh dog meals, we can say, in all modesty, that we’ve met this goal...and then some. 


Fresh dog food, lightly-cooked to seal in the flavour and nutrients



Too often, commercial dog food providers depend on industrial ovens, which cook the food at red-hot temperatures. As a result, they sear away the nuance of flavour, and - more importantly - many of your dog’s essential nutrients. In contrast, we lightly cook our fresh dog food over a gentle heat. By doing so, we strike that fine balance between preserving the nutrients and sealing in the flavour your pupper loves.


Every meal is made from ingredients fit for humans


Of course, the cooking method is only one part of the process. After all, even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t prepare a healthy AND delicious meal with substandard ingredients. Fortunately, we have your pupper covered in that department. Each of our fresh dog meals is 100% complete and balanced, meaning they contain the full suite of vitamins and minerals that your furry friend needs to thrive. What’s more, we source all of our ingredients from the suppliers of some of Australia’s best restaurants. Put simply, when we say “human-grade ingredients”, we really mean it. 


Fresh dog food delivery brings your pooch’s meals to you


Let’s be real: this approach to doggy dinner sounds time-consuming, right? Don’t worry, Dog Owner - we wouldn’t make your life difficult. In fact, all of our meals are pre-portioned for your dog’s exact requirements, then delivered to your abode. All you need to do is put them in the freezer, defrost for meal time, and quickly stick them in the microwave. It’s never been easier to give your pupper a gourmet dinner.


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