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Raw Dog Food 

Healthy, ready-made dog meals delivered to your doorstep


You’ve heard all about the raw dog food movement, but does it live up to the hype? Switch your dog to a fresh raw diet and see your pupper shine brighter, run farther, and sleep more soundly! The results speak for themselves!
We know why you’re here, doting Pet Owner. You’re here because you know that all-natural, fresh raw dog food is one of the best things you can do for your pet. But, you also know that there’s a whole lot of things that can go wrong when you try to do it yourself. Unless you’re a certified pet nutritionist, it can be tough to find a safe balance of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and moisture for your dog’s nutritional needs. Plus, do you really want to be handling raw offal? It’s pretty slimey.

Why not let Mad Paws Dinner Bowl nerd out over your dog’s diet instead? We love getting into the nitty gritty about doggy nutrition, so much so that we make sure ALL our meals meet or exceed AAFCO standards. BARF dog food (or biologically appropriate raw food, if you’re still learning the lingo) is practically our love language, which is why we make sure to use only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients like lamb, kangaroo, spinach, broccoli, sardines, and more. We balance it out, mix it all up, sprinkle a dash of VitaMix over the top, and just like that, your dog’s ideal meal is ready to make its way to your freezer. Your pup’s food will be so healthy, flavourful, and convenient that you might be a little bit jealous yourself! But, while these meals are human-grade, your dog is going to want you to keep your paws off their raw dog food!


What are the benefits of raw dog food?

Dinner Bowl Ingredient Flatlay

You’ve heard that Dog Owner at the dog park going on about how great raw dog food is. And, we’re sorry to say, once you make the change, you might become an enthusiastic chatterbox yourself! 


One of the major advantages of raw dog food is that you know exactly what’s in the bowl. The ingredient list reads like a grocery list, because there are no over-processed by-products, questionable flavour additives or preservatives. We go even further to ensure that every ingredient your dog gobbles down is Aussie-sourced; your Aussie pup deserves nothing less!


Another pro of raw dog food is the lack of cooking, which means that all of that original nutrition is sealed-in for your pup’s consumption. With nothing lost during the preparation process, your pup is basically chowing down on the purest form of their meats and greens.


The result? Your dog will be energetic, clear-headed, mentally stimulated, and ready to shower you with all the doggy kisses to show you just how happy they are with their tasty food. This isn’t just about pampering your pup (although they certainly deserve it!), it’s also about empowering your pooch to run farther, play more courageously, and cuddle harder so that they’re all rested up for your next exciting outing.


How can you switch your dog to a raw dog food diet?

If you’ve ever travelled to a part of the world where the delicious food was drastically different than you’re used to, you know that it’s not always a great idea to shock your digestive system. The same is true for your pup. Slow transitions are the best way to introduce your dog to a raw dog food diet. 


And, don’t worry. When you’re ready to make the change, you’ll get a Welcome Delivery Kit with all the info you need to start your dog off on the right paw. We also offer Half Meals so that you can continue to feed your dog some of the food they’re used to while transitioning to a raw diet.


Any time that you switch your dog’s diet, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your vet as they know your dog’s unique medical history and needs. 


Where to buy raw dog food in bulk?

When you think about raw dog food, you might automatically write it off as too much work. But, buying your pup’s raw meals in bulk is really just as convenient as buying a big bag of kibble or a crate of canned food.


In fact, we’d say it’s even more convenient! After all, with raw dog food delivery, you don’t even need to make a trip to the pet shop. The scheduling wizards here at Mad Paws Dinner Bowl send out replacement shipments automatically so that you’re always fully stocked. All you have to do is sign up online, tell us a little bit about your dog so that we can cater their meals to their size, age, and food preferences, and then wait for our friendly delivery person to show up! 


Your raw dog food delivery is here! Now, how to defrost raw dog food?

Once a box of raw dog food leaves our kitchen to be delivered to yours, we make sure that your pupper’s food stays frozen. But, what should you do with it once you have that exciting box in your hands? Well, first, you’ll want to make sure that your pupper isn’t slobbering all over it; after all, the sight of the box might make them lose all their manners!


Mad Paws Dinner Bowl meals are individually portioned, so you can pop them straight into the freezer. To prep for an easy brekkie or dinner, we recommend defrosting the meals in the fridge the night before or a few hours in advance. If you’re on a tighter schedule, you can opt for a quicker defrost by submerging the portion in a bowl or sink of cool water. Make sure to replace the water about every half hour or so.


Your pup can certainly eat a meal even if it’s not 100% defrosted. But, if you really want them to enjoy the range of flavours and textures of their raw dog food, defrosting is definitely recommended! In fact, you might gently warm up your pup’s meal with a few seconds in the microwave to release all those wonderful smells.


How long does raw dog food last in the fridge?

Thinking of defrosting a few portions at a time so that you’re never without a raw meal at the ready? Great initiative! No doggo wants to go without their raw dog food because their well-meaning Owner forgot to throw a meal in the fridge.


Once thawed, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl meals are good for a maximum of 24 hours in the fridge. So, by all means, put an extra meal in the fridge. Future You will appreciate the foresight! 


Is raw dog food safe for puppies?

Surely, puppies can benefit from the superior nutrition found in a raw diet, right? Well, yes! But not when they’re still wiggling around with sensitive stomachs. For the first few months of life, your puppy will benefit most from a diet specifically designed for their digestion and developmental needs. Plus, a diet with some crunch tends to appeal more to puppers going through the teething phase. If you’re in the midst of that, you definitely want your dog to have as many opportunities for chewing (on things that are not your shoes!) as possible. 


Check in with your vet for the most accurate idea of when your wrinkly furball will be ready to make the change to a raw diet.


Get ready for your pupper to lick the bowl clean after every raw dog food meal!

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that all of our ingredients are human-grade. Unlike many raw dog food providers, we only use meats and vegetables that we’d be happy to eat ourselves. 

Our ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Sourced from FREPA-accredited farms, our chicken is free-range, RSPCA-approved, and fed a diet of multigrains blended with spice extracts and essential oils. Our beef is humanely farmed and grass-fed in Tasmania, which boasts some of the cleanest air and lushest pastures in Australia. Together, these factors provide the best conditions for cultivating quality meat. Similarly, our wild kangaroo is ethically and sustainably sourced from across Australia. All of our meals are prepared in certified, human-grade kitchens. In fact, the kitchens in which we work supply some of Australia's top gourmet restaurants and specialty grocery stores!


What's in the Bowls?

With the help of our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale, our meals are 100% complete and balanced and meet and exceed AAFCO’s guidelines. Our Bowls feature the pawfect mixture of human-grade minced meat, offal, dog-friendly vegetables, and naturally sourced supplements. This means that each custom-portioned meal provides your dog with the right amount of every single nutrient your dog needs every day, every meal. To ensure our meals are 100% complete and balanced, we've added some small but powerful ingredients in the form of naturally-sourced supplements in our "DB Vita-Mix":

  • Bone Meal powder for a calcium hit.
  • Cod Liver Oil for a healthy heart and shiny coat.
  • Vitamin E for an immunity boost.


Along with these, we’ve also added delicious, nutrient-rich ingredients like heart, kelp and spinach across all our recipes:

Bow Wow Cow Beef & VegetablesPupper Doodle Doo Chicken & VegetablesHopping Mad Kangaroo & Vegetables




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