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Raw Dog Food Newcastle

Healthy, ready-made dog meals delivered to your doorstep

In Merewether, Hamilton, Charlestown, Warners Bay, and other ‘burbs across your beautiful city of Newcastle, we know there’s a plethora of passionate Pooch Owners. After all, with your glut of dog-friendly beaches, cafes, pubs, and shops, it’s pretty obvious that you Novocastrians welcome dogs with very open arms. And we hope you’ll do the same for the best raw dog food Newcastle doggos can get their paws on!

Oh, fancy that, looks like you’ve come to the right place! We, the mighty Mad Paws Dinner Bowl team, make downright delicious raw dog food that’s jam-packed with top-notch, healthy ingredients. May we tell you more?

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl is a bit of a nutritional powerhouse. Our dog meals have been calibrated by an expert pet nutritionist to ensure they exceed the standards set by AAFCO. What this means is that each bowl is perfectly balanced to meet your pupper’s nutritional needs, and contains the ideal mix of vitamins and minerals. We also gauge your pooch’s weight, age, and activity level to develop a meal plan that’s just right for them.

Our ingredients are pretty rave-worthy, too! In every bowl, your doggo will find human-grade offal, meats, and vegetables that are high-quality, high-nutrition, and high on taste. What they won’t find are any fillers or processed ingredients. Each bowl also contains premium bone meal and dog-specific supplements for an extra nutritional boost.

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Natural and Nutritionist Approved100% Complete & Balanced MealsAustralian Sourced & GrownHuman-Grade


How it Works

As a Dog Owner, it’s important to juggle your hectic human schedule with the needs of your doggo. Once you begin using Dinner Bowl, you’ll never need to choose between your pup’s eating needs with a busy week. Simply share your pooch’s details, and we’ll provide them with a tailor-made, calorically precise meal plan. All you need to do is serve, and watch your pup enjoy their meal.

Tell us about your furry friendShare a few tidbits about your dog so we can tailor the pawfect meal plan.


Order your dog's custom meal plan

Want to feed Dinner Bowl alongside their current meals? Have the choice of Half Bowls or Full Bowls.


Receive your ready-made frozen meals

Receive your box of meals, delivered straight to your door every fortnight. Simply defrost and serve!


    What's in the Bowls?

    With the help of our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale, our meals are 100% complete and balanced and meet and exceed AAFCO’s guidelines. Our Bowls feature the pawfect medley ingredients: human-grade minced meat, offal, dog-friendly vegetables, and naturally sourced supplements. This means that each custom-portioned meal provides your dog with the right amount of every single nutrient your dog needs every day, every meal.

    A meal is only as good as the quality of its ingredients - and in this, Dinner Bowl excels. Instead of using low-grade offcuts like some other raw dog food Gold Coast products, we only use human-grade ingredients. Put simply, with a bit of cooking, your dog’s Dinner Bowl meal could be fit for any person.  

    To ensure our meals are 100% complete and balanced, we've added some small but powerful ingredients in the form of naturally-sourced supplements in our "DB Vita-Mix":

    • Bone Meal powder for a calcium hit.
    • Cod Liver Oil for a healthy heart and shiny coat.
    • Vitamin E for an immunity boost.

    Along with these, we’ve also added delicious, nutrient-rich ingredients like heart, kelp and spinach across all our recipes:

    Bow Wow Cow Beef & VegetablesPupper Doodle Doo Chicken & VegetablesHopping Mad Kangaroo & Vegetables


    In the end, all three choices have one crucial thing in common: they’re all human-grade. In opposition to many raw dog food Newcastle choices, Dinner Bowl meals meet human food standards. We believe our pets should be treated like royalty, and that starts with the quality of their food. 

    Our ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Sourced from FREPA-accredited farms, our chicken is free-range, RSPCA-approved, and fed a diet of multigrains blended with spice extracts and essential oils. Our beef is humanely farmed and grass-fed in Tasmania, which boasts some of the cleanest air and lushest pastures in Australia. Together, these factors provide the best conditions for cultivating quality meat. Similarly, our wild kangaroo is ethically and sustainably sourced from across Australia. All of our meals are prepared in certified, human-grade kitchens. In fact, the kitchens in which we work supply some of Newcastle's top gourmet restaurants and specialty grocery stores!


    The benefits of a raw diet for dogs 

    Dinner Bowl Ingredient Flatlay

    If you’re anything like us, you likely see a gorgeous floofball when you look at your dog. Well, when they look in the mirror, they don’t see a floofball. They see the fearsome wolf from which they evolved. Maybe that’s why so many dogs are scared of their own reflections. Whatever the reason, wolves don’t eat kibble, and wolves don’t eat canned food. No...wolves eat RAW. Our dogs remember this - in their minds, in their noses, in their mouths, and in their stomachs. That’s why, to this day, dogs adore the texture, scent, and taste of raw food. What’s more, their bodies reap all sorts of health boons from it.

    What sort of boons, you ask? Here are a few: 

    • Better digestion, meaning their droppings are easier on your nose, and easier to clean 
    • Proteins and amino acids to turn your dog into a strong, healthy, long-living machine
    • A buoyant mood, an engaged mind, and balanced energy levels
    • A thick, luscious coat that will be the envy of the dog park
    • A dining experience that will be a highlight of their day  

      The only raw dog food delivery Newcastle Pet Owners need!

      Oh, we forgot to tell you the best part! Not only does your pooch get tasty raw meals, but you get to enjoy the luxury of having them home-delivered.

      Yep, you read right! We understand that you Dog Owners are busy folk. So, we’ve saved you the trouble of having to venture to the shops to get your doggo’s food fix. No matter where you live in Newcastle, we’ll deliver your dog’s delicious meals right to your door. You can thank us later!

      Get your skates on and get the best raw dog food Newcastle has ever seen.

      Wondering where we deliver our Raw Dog Food?


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