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Mad Paws Dinner Bowl FAQ's

Yes, our fresh ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Sourced from FREPA-accredited farms, our chicken is free-range, RSPCA-approved, and fed a diet of multigrains blended with spice extracts and essential oils. Our beef is humanely farmed and grass-fed in Tasmania, which boasts some of the cleanest air and lushest pastures in Australia. Together, these factors provide the best conditions for cultivating quality meat. Similarly, our wild kangaroo is ethically and sustainably sourced from across Australia. All of our meals are prepared in certified, human-grade kitchens. In fact, the kitchens in which we work supply some of Sydney’s top gourmet restaurants and specialty grocery stores.

With the help of our certified pet nutritionist, Alice Clydsdale, we’ve created meals that are 100% complete and balanced and meet and exceed the Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO)’s guidelines. AAFCO is an association that sets global industry standards for ingredients, processes, and nutritional requirements for creating pet foods. By exceeding AAFCO’s complete and balanced standards, Dinner Bowl meals provide your dog with 100% of their daily nutritional requirements. To achieve this, along with our fresh proteins and offal, we have added our custom “DB Vita-Mix”, a select mixture of naturally sourced supplements like Bone Meal powder for a calcium hit; Cod Liver Oil for a healthy heart and shiny coat; and Vitamin E for an immunity boost. Additionally, we’ve also added nutrient-rich ingredients like kelp and spinach across all of our recipes. For a full breakdown of our recipes, see the Our Bowls page.

We have decided not to include bone as it can pose a choking hazard in raw food. However, to ensure your dog receives enough calcium for a complete and balanced diet, we have included a portion of Bone Meal Powder in all of our recipes.

When you place an order with Mad Paws Dinner Bowl, you’ll have access to our Meal Planner. This way, you can work out the perfect serving sizes for your pooch based on their age, gender, and breed. By the time the meals arrive at your home, you won’t need to worry about measuring a thing. Simply defrost each portion at meal time, and your pup will be set!

Right now we are only selling and delivering to NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT. Please register your interest by emailing if we haven’t arrived in your suburb yet.

***Saturday - NSW*** is the delivery day for Sydney Metro, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong areas. ***Tuesday - VIC*** Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Geelong Regional, Mornington Peninsula, Albury Wodonga, Melbourne Metro, Outer Melbourne East, Outer Melbourne West, Outer Melbourne North, Gippsland, Gippsland South, Mildura. ***Wednesday - NSW/ACT*** is the delivery day for Canberra Metro, ACT South Coast, MCS SW Border, Bathurst, Orange, Blue Mountains, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Griffith, Tamworth and Armidale. ***Wednesday - QLD*** Brisbane Metro, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast ***Friday - QLD*** Byron Bay & Toowoomba. *Each week, the orders are processed at 12 midday on a Wednesday. If your order is received before the cut off, it will be delivered within a week, if it is received after the cut off, it will go out the following week.

Our current delivery time slot is between 7am and 6pm. Our delivery partner will send you an SMS the night before where you can track your order till it arrives. We only have limited timeslots currently, however, we hope to offer more delivery options as our business grows.

Your Mad Paws Dinner Bowl subscription means the deliveries will continue automatically until you change or cancel your subscription.

Each week the order cut off is Wednesday at 12 midday. If an order is placed after the cut off, it will be processed on Wednesday the following week.

To change or cancel your order, you must email with the subject line ‘change order’ or ‘cancel order’. The email must be received prior to the 12 midday Wednesday cut off. If the cut off has passed and it is too late to cancel, we suggest checking if a neighbour or friend can collect and store the delivery for you.

Yes, in order to skip a delivery, please email with ‘cancel order’ or ‘skip delivery’ in the subject line prior to the weekly ordering cut off.

Yes, upon delivery, you will receive a text message advising that your parcel has been delivered. In lieu of a signature, the driver will take a photo and you will receive this and a GPS code. We recommend adding notes in the delivery instructions if you have any special requirements.

Our meals are prepared fresh on demand each week and are transported from our temperature controlled warehouse to your door using refrigerated delivery vehicles.

The default drop off point will be your front door. Please secure your pets so that the driver can access the drop off point on delivery day without pets being able to come in contact with the driver or the food delivered.

To cancel your subscription, please go to your profile on the website and click on ‘manage subscriptions’ and follow the prompts. Please note, if you have any orders in progress at the time of cancelling, they will arrive unless cancelled before the designated cut off for your area.

The food is raw, each meal combines fresh meat and vegetables.

Yes, the fresh ingredients are sourced from farmers and produce suppliers within Australia only. Our chicken is free range and our meat is humanely farmed.

Meals for your pet are prepared in a commercial kitchen using fresh ingredients, each selection has been created with input from veterinary professionals.

Yes, we cater for dogs of all sizes. As each pet is different, should the portions be too big or small, you have the option of dividing or doubling up portions to meet your pets needs.

Yes, much like the food for the non-furry members of your family. Upon delivery, the meals should be stored in the freezer or below 5 degrees in the fridge. Please also observe the best before date listed on each meal.

Our recipes have been created with veterinary guidance in order to provide or replace a ‘standard’ meal plan for your pet. We encourage you to check with your vet, especially if you have a puppy or if your pet has any medical conditions or special dietary requirements.

Yes, as mentioned above, our food is prepared in a commercial kitchen equipped to meet food safety regulations for humans. Our team follows strict health and safety procedures to ensure the food is prepared, packed and shipped hygienically for your pet.

For fussy pets, we recommend gradually introducing them to a new diet by initially combining some of the old food with the new food. This should help them adjust, particularly if they are moving from a dry food to wet food diet. If your pet simply won’t eat the meals over time, of course you may stop your account.

We do not collect used packaging at this stage, however, our packaging is recyclable and the insulation bag is reusable. The boxes can be placed in your paper recycling bin, the ice packs can be emptied down the sink or into your garden and the plastic recycled at your nearest Redcycle collection centre

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

To retrieve your password, simply click on the ‘forgot my password’ link when signing in. To change your password, you can log into your account and click on ‘settings’ and then ‘change my password’.

You may cancel or change your order up until the order cut off on Wednesday at 12 midday.

Our nutritionist has advised that minced ingredients (especially vegetables) can aid digestion and the nutritional breakdown process for your pupper. Additionally, minced food ensures equal distribution of all ingredients, making it easier for the dog to eat and resulting in less waste from splatter.

We have decided not to include bone as it can pose a choking hazard in raw food. We are always looking to improve our formula, though, so watch this space as we address this topic in the future.

Depending on their unique health needs, the Dinner Bowl Diet should be fine for your puppy. However, our dogs’ stomachs can still be delicate during the puppy stage of their lives. For this reason, if your puppy started life on a non-raw diet, you’ll need to take some extra precautions at first. To begin, you must follow the diet transition guide that we include in your Dinner Bowl delivery. This will allow your pup to smoothly adapt from their old diet to their new Dinner Bowl meal plan. Secondly, while they get used to eating raw, we recommend they stick to one type of meat. Once you’ve followed these steps, they should be set!

Provided it aligns with their unique health needs, the Dinner Bowl Diet will be great for your older dog. If they’ve been on a non-raw diet for a while, they may also benefit from a transition plan. To make this process easy, we include a meal transition guide with each Dinner Bowl delivery.

The Dinner Bowl Diet is designed to give your pup the healthiest life possible. However, as each dog is unique, their specific health needs may differ. As such, we recommend you consult your vet to ensure that Dinner Bowl is right for their allergies or conditions.

You definitely can! For this reason, we provide the option of “Half Bowls”, which are cheaper and specifically designed for those looking to mix existing food with Dinner Bowl. Half Bowls are also ideal if you’re looking to transition your pup from their current meal plan to a raw diet.

Definitely! In fact, we include a vet-approved transition guide in your box which outlines how to safely transition your dog onto Dinner Bowl.

A raw diet that mixes meat, offal, and dog-friendly vegetables can provide a wealth of benefits to your pooch. These include: A healthy serving of crude proteins and amino acids - These are the building blocks that your dog requires to grow and maintain muscle. For puppies, crude proteins and amino acids fuel their muscle growth as they get bigger. For older dogs, a diet rich in these nutrients helps to maintain their muscle mass, which keeps them healthy and mobile for longer. A high dosage of fiber and prebiotics - These are the little helpers which keep pupper’s gut and bowels healthy. Fiber and prebiotics assist your dog in extracting nutrients from each meal, digesting it smoothly, and living their best life. A rich source of vitamins and minerals - Because it isn’t just about the meat, quality raw diets like Dinner Bowl include pup-centric veggies. These provide your furry friend with Potassium, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, and other must-have nutrients. To ensure your doggo also receives their much-needed Omega-3, Dinner Bowl also includes flaxseed meal. A gold standard eating experience for your dog - For dogs, eating kibble can be a chore. On a raw food diet, though, meal time will become the highlight of their day. Thanks to their biological programming, dogs have evolved to love the taste and texture of raw food. For this reason, a raw diet will boost their mood, diminish their stress, and sharpen their minds. As an added bonus, they’ll also love you for it!

“Yes!” and “No!” - in that order. Dinner Bowl is 100% natural and 100% preservative-free. We produce each meal with fresh ingredients, freeze to maintain freshness, and deliver it to your door. That’s it.

Yes! Each meal is made fresh, then instantly frozen to maintain freshness and safety during delivery.

We recommend you don’t. For optimal results, let your dog’s Dinner Bowls defrost before serving.

It is not uncommon for the food to slightly thaw and not be frozen solid. Fear not - we maintain the cold chain the whole way through. As long as the packet is sealed and the food is cold to the touch it is perfectly safe to consume.

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl’s raw food is very safe for our furry friends. Fortunately for our furry friends, the enzymes in their stomachs, as well as their shorter digestive tracts, quash salmonella's effects. In fact, by serving meat, offal, and veggies in their raw forms, we ensure that no nutrients are lost to the cooking process. Simply put, your pup enjoys all the benefits of an all-natural diet without the risks. As the descendents of hunters, dogs evolved to eat fresh raw food. Because of this, they extract a range of benefits from raw dog food that they don’t find in processed meals. While many Owners feed their dogs kibble and canned food, these processed choices don’t align with our dogs’ evolutionary history.

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